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An Ounce

Jim Fugate

An Ounce provides amusing stories, ideas, wisdom, and a positive attitude with informative commentary, and interviews with experts. An Ounce is a short format podcast (less than 15 minutes per episode) that encourages the listener to consider for themselves ways they can create a more robust, resilient, and joyful life an ounce at a time. Topics of the podcast include a smattering of all kinds of subjects. The listener will gain insights from stories encouraging a good attitude, personal responsibility, and presentations promoting learning, doing, and expanding one's understanding and experience. The podcast will expound unique and useful life hacks and deliver informative interviews with experts. Looking for something to make you smile, tips that can make life better, insights that can help you see life more clearly, the wisdom that will build resilience, ideas that will make you think, something you can share with others, a timely podcast with an easy charm that will make you smile? You found it!