An Ounce

The Straw Hat Riot

June 02, 2023 Jim Fugate Season 6 Episode 22
An Ounce
The Straw Hat Riot
Show Notes

There are a lot of reasonable things one might get angry about, even a little riled up – but, rioting over a straw hat? 

Sounds like this something that took place at a county fair someplace? Somewhere they imbibe in a bit of moon-shine perhaps? 

Nope – 

This happened in a place where they take fashion seriously. It happened in September 1922 – In one of the great centers of civilization - New York City. 

Yep – 

Ok of all the things that might cause a ruckus, ok – more than a ruckus, a full-blown multi-day riot - how could a straw hat possibly have anything at all to do with it. 

Apparently, the refined folks of New York City have always taken the statutes of style very seriously – and back in the 1920s the wearing of a straw hat – known as a ‘boating’ hat after September 15th was a faux pas of the highest order. 

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